Little Things Matter

Have you experienced the feeling of this physical pain in your body, that feels like a dark cloud of hollowness literally spreading from the centre of your chest, to your whole body and wrapping around you like a blanket, while leaving you empty inside? I’ve felt it more times than I can count, most of … Continue reading Little Things Matter


Blending In

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” the third grade teacher asked her new class. “Doctor”, “Astronaut”, “Firefighter”, “Painter”, replied the children. “Happy”, comes a soft but audible reply from a boy, who summed up the courage to speak his heart out for the first time. “I don’t think you understand. What … Continue reading Blending In


For twenty-two years his head couldn’t comprehend the logic behind ‘love’. All it took was one stroke of serendipity, and a traveller had wandered her way into his life to defy all his logic. With constellations in her eyes, symphony in her movements, and tenderness in her touch, she started to metamorphosize his being. For … Continue reading Tin-Man


“You don’t need to break your back everyday”, the wife exclaimed, as she massaged his spine. “These sacks of cement are as light as a feather”, the builder gasped, smiling at his baby boy. Years later, his worthless son’s incompetence, became too much of a burden for him to carry.