Quantum physics proposes a theory that parallel universes exist. According to this theory, there is a possibility that other universes exist, where all the choices that we have ever made in this life, are played out in alternate realities. In simple words, for every point in our life whenever we have made a decision, there exists a universe with an outcome of the choice we did not go with.

While this theory is scientifically debatable, I believe that these universes with alternate realities, do exist; inside our minds.

We create these own alternate realities in our heads, where we picture our life being different every time. Often we catch ourselves day dreaming, thinking about what kind of life we would be leading if we had our way, if we got the idea of Facebook before Zuckerberg, if we were born to a different family, if we were put in a different school and the infinite other possibilities. Or perhaps sometimes we catch ourselves thinking about the past, an occurrence at a particular point in time, regretting or cherishing a decision, how our lives would have been poles apart had it not been for the taken decision.

Sometimes it is liberating to peek inside your head and live out an alternate reality of a better world. The complication arises when you start concentrating more on the ‘what could have been’ rather than the ’what it is’. While leading our alternate lives may seem happier and easier, they wouldn’t exist if our reality didn’t.

Therefore we do what we can, and make decisions that we think is best for our actuality, while our head carries a chain of infinite parallel universes.


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