Social Animals

I can’t help but wonder sometimes.

As social animals, we humans meet other humans; interact, socialize and create memories and moments.

Some interactions become very dear to us and some memories we cherish more than others. We create these special, more memorable memories with select few beings with whom we connect with on a higher plane and understand at a deeper level as compared to the rest.

But some times these humans with special bonds tend to grow apart, more often than not, taking away with them, a part of each other. Time passes, voids fill, some memories tend to fade, new interactions and connections are established, sometimes better than before, and sometimes worse.

But the human brain functions in a very complex way. The same memory, which would once light your face up uncontrollably, now wets your eyes in a similar unruly manner. A reminiscence which both people thought dearest, has now faded or barely lingers in their heads from time to time.

What puzzles me is this: More often it is observed that one human yearns that broken connection more than the other. The memories persists in one soul’s mind, while it is either forgotten or replaced for the other. Sometimes, those special memories cease to exist in one’s mind.

In such cases, what proof exists that the memory was in fact a memory, and not a figment of imagination created by your brain to screw with you. How can something so special at the time, something so significant in making you the person you are, something which you shared with your beloved, suddenly stop being a reality, and just become another creation of the infinite universe that exists in your head.


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