Adventure of a Lifetime

In an attempt to find shelter from the petrifying, approaching thunderstorm, the wanderer bolted into the dark dense forest without a second thought. The moonlight barely lit his path, when his sprinting legs tripped him over the roots of a gigantic walnut tree, as he went falling and tumbling down a deep dark pit, hitting rock bottom, unconscious.

He woke up blinded by the dark; frightened, alone and in agonizing pain. His screams muffled as it reached the breach, just as the sunlight scattered by the time it reached the bottom of the pit.

After hours of trying to climb out and shouting for help, he broke down crying, and laid still on the ground; with his life’s every decision flashing before his eyes, he had lost the will to live, wishing it’d be easier to just stop existing.

Spending more hours waiting for death, he grew tired. He knew there was no other way out but the way back up. Determined to break free from this prison, he started his climb carefully. He could see the light and feel the heat of the Sun again as he achieved great height, before his own weight got too heavy to carry and gravity pulled him back down.

Undeterred by the fall, he started to climb again!

I’m still climbing my way out; its difficult, and I haven’t climbed up very far, but I’m closer to the breach now than when I was at the bottom, and the little shaft of light that reaches me, is my motivation to not plummet back down the dark abyss. The only difference is that this deep dark pit is inside my mind, and I’ve been stuck down there for months.


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