For twenty-two years his head couldn’t comprehend the logic behind ‘love’.

All it took was one stroke of serendipity, and a traveller had wandered her way into his life to defy all his logic.

With constellations in her eyes, symphony in her movements, and tenderness in her touch, she started to metamorphosize his being.

For the first time the affectless man, started to realize what being vulnerable to another being meant, how suddenly all the love songs made sense, how the stars twinkled brighter during their late night conversations, and how the world seemed more beautiful with her on his side.

But his inner demons devoured her slowly, to the point that his mistakes broke the wanderer who was fixing him.

One dreadful night, he became the reason for the sparkle in her eyes to fade away,

And that same night, something he believed he never had, shattered inside his hollow tin chest.


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