Unspoken Words

At 4am they echo in the silence of the night;

At 4pm they fade the outside world’s noise;

Cause regret while remaining unsaid,

Your mind keeps replaying them like a broken cassette;

Often takes you to a parallel universe inside your head,

where time stands still, and imagination flows unchecked.

They are the blank stares to an acquaintance;

An open book of emotions to a close one.

An introvert’s demise;

A broken heart’s silent cries.

These unsaid words weigh you down,

Make you feel lighter as soon as they are resound.

It may feel awkward, but you have to make amends,

That ‘I love you’ to your father, the ‘thank you’ to your mother,

‘I’m proud of you’ to your sibling, and ‘I’m there for you’ to your friend’,

But most importantly tell that one person on the verge of giving up, that silhouette in the mirror; ‘You believe in them!’


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