Little Things Matter

Have you experienced the feeling of this physical pain in your body, that feels like a dark cloud of hollowness literally spreading from the centre of your chest, to your whole body and wrapping around you like a blanket, while leaving you empty inside?

I’ve felt it more times than I can count, most of it because of my own guilt and this anger against myself for letting my parents down time and again. The depression eating me from inside, has left me hollow, with no confidence, no individuality, no sense of being and belonging, no happiness, no willpower, and most of all with no desire to live.

But giving up is not an option, you just gotta slug it out with life. Seeing my parents, I always wondered what is their secret? How do they cope with setbacks and sadness? I know they’ve experienced much worse and difficult times, some beyond my imagination; so what keeps their spirit going?

After much observation, I figured that its all about the little things that matter; The joy when your dog starts barking even before you enter home, the happiness when your pet licks away your pain; taking that first walk in the rains; eating your favorite dish for dinner; being the reason your parents’ eyes shimmer; that short goofy dance in an empty elevator; smiling at that random stranger; trying to meet your best friend every day, helping your sibling in anyway; taking that power nap in the middle of the day; staying up late at night to get some alone time; or even helping your friend finish that whole bottle of wine!

I suppose in the end all we can do is, just try and cherish the little things, anything and everything that brings a little joy to our face, a little content to our heart, and solace to our soul. Do whatever makes us happy, without intentionally hurting another being.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, occasionally its alright to pause and rest, but never stop!

After all even the Sun is slowly burning out, we are merely humans!


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