Your everyday average guy taking a shot at blogging to express himself and share his amateur work. I have always been pretty bad at expressing myself, and recently for the longest time I was unable to comprehend my own headspace, and that is when I got into writing; to try and convey my emotions better and understand them myself.

Everyone has their own struggles and goes about their day, most without even sharing their state of my mind with others. And whether or not they express themselves and share their thoughts and difficulties with others, is a personal choice, reading something that you connect with, something that relates to your present state of mind is always soothing. Mental health is something that needs to be given more importance to, specially in today’s day and age, but ignorantly it is more commonly treated as a bad joke. So here I am trying to paint a picture with a few words.

Honest feedbacks and suggestions are welcome.

P.S: All the writings are original, though any/all of the images and artwork have been taken from various sources on the internet. No plagiarism intended.


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